Joint PhD between UNIGE and QMUL

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Three PhD scholarships are available within the Joint Doctoral Programme in Interactive and Cognitive Environments (JD ICE) that is a PhD programme co-organised by the Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture at University of Genoa (UNIGE) and the Centre for Intelligent Sensing at Queen Mary University of London.

General Information

Applications are invited for 3 PhD open positions

JD ICE provides Ph.D. training in the fields of multimedia signal processing, data fusion, computer vision, cognitive dynamic systems, and machine learning, and offers advanced research projects designed for ambitious students willing to become world-leading researchers. Ph.D. students will benefit from a joint-supervision model and will spend part of their Ph.D. programme in London, (UK) and part in Genoa (Italy), depending on the specific PhD scholarship assigned.

The ISIP40 group, active in the DITEN department in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Genoa has focused its attention mostly on:

  1. Cognitive Dynamic Systems
  2. Multisensor Signal Processing for Surveillance
  3. Software and Cognitive Radio
  4. Bayesian Object and Situation assessment
  5. Interactive and Cognitive Environments

Open Positions for Ph.D. (Dottorato di Ricerca)

3 positions (3 years) starting at the beginning of November 2020; expiration date for first level applications: May 31st, 2020

Research Areas:

  • Emergent and incremental self awareness in multisensor physical agents: this research theme will study novel signal processing techniques based on probabilistic graphical models and dynamic Bayesian networks for understanding the dynamics of cognitive systems and learn how to transfer this acquired knowledge;
  • Data driven Self awareness models for AI enabled wireless communications: this research theme will study algorithms and methods for cognitive radio terminals for opportunistic spectrum usage to optimize transmission rate and external attack robustness


Applications are invited for 3 PhD open positions, starting November 2020 with ISIP40 research group ( of the Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture (DITEN), University of Genova ā€“ Genova (ITALY).


  • Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento or Laurea Specialistica degree for Italian applicants in one of the following fields (or another relate field); Master of Science or equivalent degree for applicants from abroad:
    1. Telecommunication Engineering
    2. Electronic Engineering
    3. Information Engineering
    4. IT
    5. Computer Science (or Laurea degree in Informatica)
  • Basic knowledge in the following topics:
    1. Signal Processing
    2. Communication Systems
    3. Pattern Recognition
    4. Image/Video Processing
  • English knowledge (IELTS certificate with minimum marks of 6.5 is mandatory)

Deadline for applying:

The interested applicants please apply not later than May 31st, 2020.

How to apply?

The application is divided into two phases.

In the first phase, the interested applicants should apply here

In the second phase, applicants whose CV fits with requirements will be encouraged and advised to present an application for the official admission competition at Genoa University online application closing on June 15, 2020.

PhD economic conditions

The research grant consists of about 16.5Keuro/year


  1. A complete C.V. must contain at least the education degrees and the related information, experiences (both academic and non-academic), projects, list of publications, and every other things you think can be useful
  2. If you have not graduated yet, provide some information about the probable graduation date.
  3. If you have some publications, you can also send some of the important ones together with your CV.
  4. You can also send any other information that you think can be useful and effective for your profile.