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 Section Projects/Completed Contracts

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GOTO  Active Contracts


Completed Contracts


  1. RFI project: The project between RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) and DIBE deals with the study and the evaluation of ERTMS/ETCS devices for high-speed railways systems. Regarding the consulting, telecommunication aspects will be analysed with particular attention to on-board equipments and RBC (Radio Block Center). Contract has a biennial duration and it will cover themes regarding GSM-R and typical telecommunication structures of railway networks.

  2. VICOM-FIRB project: "Virtual Immersive Communication": The goal of the project is to design a communication system architecture for mobile virtual immersive services. The architecture will be validated in two application testbeds dedicated respectively to: Mobility in Immersive Environments (MIE) and Virtual Immersive Learning (VIL).HTML

  3. DIBE-UE REOST Project: "Fast image processing for train guidance": The REOST system implements an innovative application based on high performance optical sensors, fast image processing techniques and automatic object recognition algorithms, aiming at reducing the risk of train collisions with obstacles on the tracks by timely warning the train driver.HTML

  4. AITEK project: This project consists in the development of a library of algorithms able to detect abandoned/stolen objects and track their owners.

  5. ARTECO project: This project consists in the development of a library of algorithms able to detect  events of interest in bus stop and car crossing. In particular,  for car crossing events of interest are cars run in a wrong way. For bus stop event of interest are graffiti and panic.

  6. MIUR project - Progetto di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale - MIUR COFIN 2005 - Progetto “SMART”: The SMART-PRIN 2005  project, financed by theItalian Ministry of the University and Research (MIUR), foresees the design and development of a software and hardware integrated system for vehicular networking with high degree of reconfigurability, with a industrial partnership present in the project.

  7. Parco Sci: HTML

  8. Parco Calcio: HTML

  9. Telecom project: HTML

  10. ELSAG project: Distributed and heterogeneous architectures for multi-sensor surveillance systems. (Prot. N. 7280/297 MIUR)
    The aim of this project is to realize a distributed automatic monitoring system for extended environments through an heterogeneous multi-sensor architecture. This architecture is mainly based on a hierarchical network of sensors and cognitive nodes linked together and to remotes control centers. The system uses wireless and wired heterogeneous communication channels. Cognitive nodes implement correlation and connection between sensors and coordination level. Control centers are made up by supporting structures for control and decision levels.


  12. ERG:
    The target of this project is the implementation of an intelligence video surveillance system for an extensive industrial ambient (a refinery). Some system functionalities are: intruders individuation, behaviour analysis, identify potential dangerous situation. The system can interface itself with cameras installed in the refinery (no hi-tech sensors) and work in difficult weather ambient (rain, wind e.g.)

  13. SINTESIS : Sistema INTegrato per la Sicurezza e l'Intelligenza diStribuita
    The goal of this project the realization of an innovative distributed automatic monitoring system for extended and complex environments through a "network centric operation" hierarchical architecture. This architecture is focused on an innovative paradigm in security systems: the cognitive node that, by means of a sensing-analysis-decision-action loop is capable of information management and situation analysis similar to those performed by human security operators.

  14. pSHIELD:
    pilot embedded Systems arcHItecturE for multi-Layer Dependable solutions: pSHIELD is a pilot project for security, privacy and dependability in embedded systems. It lasted from 1. June 2010 to 31. December 2011. The project is performed under the Artemis pSHIELD project number ES459356. HTML




New accepted papers:

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D. Campo, M. Baydoun, L. Marcenaro, and C.S. Regazzoni, "Task-dependent saliency estimation from trajectories of agents in video sequences", 24th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). 17-20 September 2017, Beijing, China

M.O. Mughal, L. Marcenaro, and C.S. Regazzoni, "Energy Detection in Multi-user Relay Networks", Wireless Personal Communications (2017): 1-10

A. Mazzú, P. Morerio, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, "A Cognitive Control-inspired approach to Object Tracking", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

V. Bastani, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, "Online Nonparametric Bayesian Activity Mining and Analysis From Surveillance Video", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing