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 Section Staff


Group coordinator

Prof. Carlo S. Regazzoni +39.010.353.2792

Assistant professor

Dr. Lucio Marcenaro +39.010.353.2060

Coordinating team / Brand Manager

Dr. Mirko Benvenuti
Dr. Guido Rossi

Ph.D. students

Damian Campo +39.010.353.2774
Tassadaq Nawaz +39.010.353.2060
Juan Sebastian Olier +39.010.353.2060
Andrea Toma +39.010.353.2060
Subhan Ullah +39.010.353.2774
Mohamad Baydoun +39.010.353.2774
Mahdyar Ravanbakhsh +39.010.353.2774

External collaborators

A2Lab (Ambient Awareness Lab)  
Andrea Beoldo
Alessandro Calbi
Simone De Titta
Silvia Ferrando
Gianluca Gera
Mirko Musso


Sulman Baig
Miriam Lopez
Andrea Mazzú
Simone Chiappino
Kresimir Dabcevic
Veranika Lim Currently User Experience Researcher at Imperial College London - Leiden University
Pietro Morerio Currently Post Doc at IIT
Ozair M. Mughal
Tewodros Atanaw Currently Research Scientist/Engineer at Ford Motor Company
Waqar Baig
Vahid Bastani Currently Machine Learning Engineer at ASML
Alejandro Betancourt Currently Machine Learning Algorithm Design Engineer at TPVision
Venkata P. Bhuvana Currently Researcher at Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt
Shariful S. Alam
Luca Bixio
Andrea F. Cattoni Now at Aalborg University
Gabriele Dura
Alessio Dore Now at Imperial College, London UK
Matteo Gandetto Now at ALTRAN
Gianluca Gera Now at Technoaware
Alexander Gogolev
Marco Guainazzo Now at RINA  
Luca Marchesotti Now at Xerox Reasearch Centre Europe  
Stefano Maludrottu  
Francesco Monti  
Maristella Musso  
Franco Oberti    
Stefano Piva  
Marina Ottonello  
Claudio Sacchi Now at University of Trento  
Reetu Singh    
Mauricio Soto Alvarez Now at Italian Institute of Technology - IIT
Elena Stringa Now at Joint Research Centre - SIR  
Andrea Teschioni Now at ELSAG Datamat  
Alessandra Tesei Now at NATO Undersea Research Centre  
Marco Tomaino  





New accepted papers:

M. Ravanbakhsh, M. Nabi, E. Sangineto, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, and N. Sebe, "Abnormal Event Detection in Videos using Generative Adversarial Nets", 24th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). 17-20 September 2017, Beijing, China

D. Campo, M. Baydoun, L. Marcenaro, and C.S. Regazzoni, "Task-dependent saliency estimation from trajectories of agents in video sequences", 24th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). 17-20 September 2017, Beijing, China

M.O. Mughal, L. Marcenaro, and C.S. Regazzoni, "Energy Detection in Multi-user Relay Networks", Wireless Personal Communications (2017): 1-10

A. Mazzú, P. Morerio, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, "A Cognitive Control-inspired approach to Object Tracking", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

V. Bastani, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, "Online Nonparametric Bayesian Activity Mining and Analysis From Surveillance Video", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing